A new version of our plugin DrawUserTexts has been released today. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and we are getting even closer to reach a stable commercial product.

v1.0.1.0 (07-10-2020)
Fixed: [license system] In case of sql connexion failure, don’t show repeated messages
Fixed: [license system] In case of sql connexion failure, display the domain that should be whitelisted through the firewall
Fixed: [license system] Waiting form icon
Changed: [DUT] Command Scripted mode won’t be used as debug mode anymore
Changed: [DUT] When an attribute is missing, displays “???” in preview mode
Fixed: [DUT] [OtL] Changing text height or font impacted all texts in document
Fixed: [DUT] [OtL] Both command failed when curves were pre-selected (Nothing happening/no options showing)
Fixed: [OtL] Command crashed on OnDynamicDraw() when SelectedGroup Is Nothing
Improved: Code structured in regions for GetOutlinesAndArrows()
Fixed: [OtL] Wrong Outline orientation. Center of oriented bounding box will always be used for non linear curve groups.
Fixed: Inside a group, CurvesLongBorder2 minimum length were hard coded to 50. Instead we will use 1/3 of CurvesLongBorder1 total length
Fixed: Issue with duplicated Main Curves in result
Fixed: Possible wrong offset point orientation when longuest curve were not linear
and the bounding box’s center point were outside the group’s closed curve.
Fixed: For non-rectangular groups, the orientation point should not be targeted by CreateArrow() to pick the side.
Instead, offset the curve at a close distance and check the intersection with the arrow’s lineCurves.
Fixed: Possible mis-detection for a group’s longuest curves when they are not linear (Not along the bounding box’s borders)